Rosalind Rinker, “Prayer: Conversing with God”

Prayer, Conversing with God by Rosalind Rinker “Prayer is a dialogue between two persons who love each other.” With this profound insight, Rosalind Rinker, writer, missionary, and dedicated evangelical worker, gives the key to a simple yet powerfully effective method of increasing the joy and meaning of your prayers. As nearly one million readers have discovered, Prayer: Conversing With God is a fresh and inspiring guide, based on the eternal promise: “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.

This has to be one of the best books ever written on prayer. Rosalind wrote this book out of her own personal frustration with prayer groups and so-called prayer meetings. Our 21st century prayer groups can be just as unfulfilling as those she experienced half a century ago. If you really want to understand what she means when she says, “Prayer is a dialogue between two people who love each other,” try what she suggests. Find one or two others to join you and follow her guidance. You’ll find that prayer isn’t dry and boring, rather it’s a refreshing retreat that bring great blessings. If you’re looking for a book that’s not just philosophy and hype. You won’t be disappointed in this one.

Someone has said, “Right prayer demands a quieting of the whole being.” We need to learn to be quiet, and to be consciously aware of Jesus Christ. We cannot pray quietly if we are in a hurry to get going again. It is in the silences, between prayers, that He speaks to us, and that our communion with Him purges and renews us. We should give audible thanks after such a time of silence. When no one is praying audibly, all should be praying silently, and should be so instructed. We are not there primarily to “get things” but to realize God’s presence. This is the greatest answer to prayer, that we are consciously aware of the Great Shepherd and His unchanging love for us. ~Rosalind Rinker

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